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Enhancing Curb Appeal With Exterior Lighting

Enhancing Curb Appeal With Exterior Lighting 


Outdoor lighting can make a home’s exterior more pleasant and appealing for guests, neighbors, and prospective buyers. Not only is the lighting itself valuable for safety and security, but it will also help to make any aesthetic improvements to the home’s exterior easier to see after dark. The right lighting choices can make a home more visually impressive and may shorten the amount of time it takes to sell it. The following key tips can help homeowners to use exterior lighting for curb appeal.

Don’t Settle for Solar 

Solar path lights are a popular outdoor lighting option because of their low cost and apparent environmental friendliness. They have a steep downside in that they usually cannot provide enough light to make a significant difference to the home’s appearance. Homeowners who want quality illumination for their landscaping should go with a professionally installed outdoor lighting system.

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Use Timed Lights 

After spending money to upgrade their home’s lighting, homeowners should make sure that they don’t miss out on the benefits by forgetting to turn the lights on. They should put their exterior lights on a timer to show the property off after dark. Aside from getting the interest of prospective buyers, this has other benefits for the homeowner since the home will be illuminated when they come home after dark, which makes it safer.

Use Lighting as an Accent 

Lighting can be used to highlight and enhance the appearance of a home’s outdoor features. One great way to use it is to pick an area that is interesting to look at and illuminate it. Outdoor lights can be placed in the landscaping amidst blooms and shrubs. When positioned correctly, the right lights will draw the eyes to the home’s architectural features. For an even more striking display, colored lights may be used to light up the home and landscaping.

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Learn Some Versatile Lighting Techniques 

Understanding how to use lighting can make the difference between boring onlookers and offering them a dramatic display. Useful techniques for showing off a home include up-lighting, shadowing, and moonlighting. 

Light Up Stairs and Walkways 

Well-illuminated stairs and walkways can make a home’s atmosphere more welcoming for both guests and prospective buyers. Also, these well-lit areas can enhance safety. When lighting a staircase, it is important to light both the top and the bottom. Lighting only one or the other can make it difficult to see the steps and make it dangerous to climb or descend.

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Avoid Excessive Lighting 

Too many lights can create a landing pad or runway effect. There’s no need to light up every corner of a front yard. When it comes to lighting the exterior of a home for aesthetic reasons, the saying “less is more” often applies. A homeowner who wants to light up an exterior for curb appeal may find that they get the most benefit by using the least amount of light needed to see the building instead of going for ultra-bright illumination. 

When implemented correctly, exterior lighting can help homeowners to create an inviting home that will get the attention of buyers and sell quickly. They should consult with lighting professionals to plan layouts and learn the best ways to use lighting for curb appeal. 

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