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Keeping Your Fort Collins Landscape Thriving All Year Round

As the seasons change in Fort Collins, so do the needs of your landscape. Whether you’re a homeowner with a sprawling garden or a business owner with a meticulously manicured outdoor space, maintaining your landscape’s health and beauty requires a tailored approach to seasonal maintenance. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the essential tasks and […]

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A Newbie’s Quick Guide to Container Gardening | Backes Landscaping

A Newbie’s Quick Guide to Container Gardening | Fort Collins | Loveland | Colorado Containers filled with vibrant, blooming plants can be versatile complements to your house and garden. They’re easy to create, portable, and can add just the right touch of color, texture or contrast exactly where needed. But if you’re new to container […]

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irrigation drip system fort collins

Drip Irrigation for Your Garden | Backes Landscaping

Drip Irrigation for Your Fort Collins Garden As water conservation in Fort Collins becomes more important than ever, with restrictions being placed on landscape and garden watering, homeowners will need to find new ways to maintain their gardens. The traditional sprinkler irrigation method wastes a lot of water by wetting areas without plants, and water […]

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DIY: Building Your Own Emergency Food Supply | Backes Landscaping

DIY: Building Your Own Emergency Food Supply As a Fort Collins or Colorado Resident you might be concerned about saving some money. Whether it’s because of a seemingly never-ending pandemic, gas prices & availability, predictions for overly-active hurricane seasons, supply chain problems that leave store shelves empty, or other potential disruptions to normal life, many […]

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How to Plant a Container Garden | Backes Landscaping

Hey Fort Collins, Spring is Around the Corner, it’s time to Garden! A visit to the local Fort Collins garden center often sends customers home with a case of plant envy.  The luscious, beautiful container gardens spaced throughout the nursery sport a hefty price tag.  Why not create your own container garden for half the […]

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fort collins composting

Help the Fort Collins Environment by Composting | Backes Landscaping

If you are looking for a way you can do something for the environment especially here in Fort Collins, you should look into home composting, especially if you have a garden or landscaping in your yard.

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How to Plant an Outdoor Garden in Fort Collins: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Plant an Outdoor Garden in Fort Collins: A Step-by-Step Guide We are ways from garden season here in Fort Collins however it is important that you plan ahead when designing your garden. In this case, we can plan way ahead so you are fully prepared for the next growing season. You can start […]

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Tree Pruning Fort Collins CO: Taking Good Care of your Trees

Tree care is more complex than individuals often believe. Many homeowners do not consider the ongoing costs and maintenance necessary to keep their trees in optimal condition. This maintenance contributes to the aesthetic value of the tree, as well as the safety and health of the plant. It is important to understand when and how […]

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How to Make a Low Maintenance Garden in Fort Collins & Surrounding Areas

In Fort Collins and Northern Colorado, gardens have always had a reputation for being hard work; requiring so much maintenance that there is very little free time left to actually sit in them and enjoy the surroundings. Nowadays, with advanced science and technology, we actually know far more about gardening than we ever did before. […]

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Some Creative Solutions to Soil Drainage Problems

Areas of poorly draining soil, particularly in our gardens and around driveways and pathways, can mar the appearance of the landscape and create other problems as well. We tend to avoid these areas, both because they’re unattractive and because they’re difficult to move through – especially after a storm. But there are some creative solutions […]

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