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Why Homeowners Should Incorporate Landscape Lighting into Their Yard Design

Landscape lighting refers to any light used on your property, including around the exterior of your home. The use of landscape lighting has become increasingly popular in modern times as homeowners become more aware of the distinct benefits offered through their use. But what are the benefits accompanying the use of landscape lighting?

The use of landscape lighting can improve home security by reducing potential intruder’s anonymity. People who attempt to or contemplate breaking into your home have a greater potential of being identified. Recent studies have shown this is a key consideration in how robbers choose the homes they burglarize.

The best type of lighting for home security is called uplighting. Uplighting is a specialized type of landscape lighting used to illuminate your home’s exterior. A highlighted home exterior essentially places a spotlight on anyone trying to enter the home during nighttime.

There are additional ways you can help to improve home security without the use of actual security systems. One easy way to improve home security is by keeping your yard well maintained and free of clutter, as this gives potential intruders no place to hide. Other home security measures known to deter potential intruders include owning a dog, having security fencing in the backyard, and keeping all large trees or buildings at least ten feet from your fence line.

Makes the Yard Safer at Night

If you need to walk in your yard at night, and there is no proper lighting, the risks of falling and becoming injured are incredibly high. A short walk to the mailbox after forgetting to check it during the day, or going to and from your vehicle can pose substantial risks. Landscape lighting can help drastically reduce these risks by helping you see where you’re going.

The best type of lighting for making the yard safer to walk in at night is walkway lighting. Walkway lighting comes in a variety of designs and sizes. A popular form of walkway lighting is solar-powered because it is both more convenient and cost-efficient. These lights can be placed closer together for brighter walkway lighting or further apart for a dimmer glow.

Other ways to make your yard safer at night includes keeping the lawn well maintained and free of clutter. Ensuring that any potholes or dips in the yard are properly filled in can also help create a safer outdoor space at night.

Creates a More Relaxing Space

Many people enjoy sitting outside during the late evening or early night hours because it allows a sense of peace that isn’t available during the bustling daytime hours. One thing that can put a damper on this relaxing mood, however, is paranoia. Many people feel paranoid when they’re unable to see large portions of their yard, and it is very hard to relax when you’re worried someone (or something) may be lurking in the shadows.

The best form of landscape lighting to create a more relaxing space while adding light to a dark yard is tree lights. Tree lighting is often referred to as “fairy lights,” because when the strands of light are used in either trees or bushes, it creates a mystical image of tiny fairies lighting your property’s flora. Outdoor lighting combined with a water features can have an oasis effect.

Other ways to create a more relaxing space at night is to ensure that you are using yellow lights instead of white ones because these are less likely to attract bugs. Bugs can also be repelled with citronella candles or torches. Comfortable outdoor furniture is also a must.

landscape lighting installation with the transformer and wiring

Landscape Lighting complements Landscape Design

The use of landscape lighting has become more widespread as homeowners realize the benefits associated with their use. From improving home security and making the yard safer at night to creating a more relaxing atmosphere, landscape lights are incredibly versatile. For the best results, experts recommend using a combination of landscape lighting forms. Landscape lighting is truly a nice complement to any landscape design.


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