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Sod Installation

The lawn plays an important role in your home’s overall curb appeal. Healthy grass and even coverage leave a good impression on neighbors, visitors, and passersby. Backes Landscaping is here to help make sure your home’s exterior is a positive reflection of its owners. Our comprehensive landscaping services include sod, grass, and lawn installation in the areas of Fort Collins and Loveland, Colorado.

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What is Sod?

The term “sod” refers to sections of pre-grown grass held together by the root system and sometimes reinforced by another biodegradable material. For residential applications, sod is typically laid down by homeowners, home builders, and landscapers to make grassy areas. Sod installation is an alternative to starting a lawn from grass seed.


Some of the most common uses of sod include: 

  • The creation of a new lawn for a newly constructed home. 
  • A re-landscaping project for an existing home.
  • Replacing grass that has become damaged and unsightly. 

Benefits of Installing Sod

Installing sod has a number of benefits for homeowners. If you are trying to decide between seed and sod, then here are four of the main advantages of sod you should consider first.

  1. Instant lawn 

Sod instantly transforms a bare yard into a lovely green lawn. Experienced professionals can lay your new lawn in just a matter of hours. The grass is already mature, and it will quickly develop a root system comparable to a two- or three-year-old lawn grown from seed. Best of all, sod can be installed during the spring, summer, and even the fall, as long as the ground isn’t frozen yet.

  1. Water conservation 

A newly seeded lawn needs to be watered multiple times a day so that the ground stays moist and the seeds can germinate. Sod must be watered daily after installation as well, but only until it is firmly rooted, which takes about two weeks.

  1. Soil control 

Because sod is fully grown, it will immediately help prevent soil erosion. It will also help to control mud when it rains and dust when it is dry. Sod installation makes a lawn usable and keeps it in better shape for longer.

  1. Property value 

A nice lawn is one of those details that turns a house into a home. The more presentable and well-maintained your home is, the higher your property value will be as well. Whether you are planning to sell or you just want to stay on top of property upkeep, a new lawn will go a long way.

Professional Sod Installation for a Beautiful Lawn

You deserve a lawn that adds appeal, functionality, and value to your home. At Backes Landscaping, we provide custom landscaping solutions for homeowners in Fort Collins and throughout Northern Colorado. Our local specialists are skilled and experienced in sod and grass installation. Knowledge of the local climate and soil helps to ensure a green and healthy lawn upon installation and for many years to come.To find out more about sod installation in Fort Collins and Loveland, CO, just contact us today.

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What to do if you Need a Lawn Installed

If you are ready to install a new lawn, Backes Landscaping is happy to take a look at your area and do a free assessment and inspection. We are more than happy to quote your for lawn installation and other items such as sprinklers or landscaping.


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