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Custom landscaping projects professionally installed by reliable local landscape designers, on time and fully guaranteed to your satisfaction! We hire and train our own professional landscapers, not subcontractors, to ensure that your calls are promptly returned, your project is carefully managed, and you always know where to find us because we’re “right in your backyard”.

Landscaping Services

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Retaining Walls

If you have issues with erosion or a highly sloped yard, a retaining wall my be your solution.

tall water feature with rock

Water Features

We have quite a bit of experience designing and implementing water features into your plan.

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Custom Landscaping

We will evaluate your outdoor space and make many recommendations to suit your specific needs.

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We provide a Call back or Email Response to all Inquiries within 24 hrs. We know the Importance of your Landscaping Project.

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We offer Landscaping Services in Fort Collins CO, Loveland CO, and Northern Colorado

Trusted Custom Landscapers

Here at Backes Landscaping, we pride ourselves in being one of the Best Landscaping Companies in Fort Collins CO, Loveland CO, and surrounding Northern Colorado areas. We are serious about delivering impeccable landscaping services and landscaping design services. If you need some inspiration or design ideas for your project, take a look at our gallery page. From there, you can get the creative landscaping design juices flowing. When you reach a point where you’d like to get more ideas or you’re ready to move forward with your project, give us a call. We will gladly come to your home and evaluate your backyard, front yard, or other exterior space. We have been landscaping for over 20 years so we are loaded with landscaping design ideas and are sure to give you some great landscaping ideas.

Landscaping Water Features

A great way to add curb appeal to your home is with a landscaping water feature. The housing market in Northern Colorado is very competitive, so adding a water feature to your home will always be a great investment.  Water features are also enjoyable because almost everybody loves the soothing sound of water flowing down a waterfall or trickling down an outdoor water fountain or rock wall. There’s just something about the peace and tranquility that comes with a waterfall, and it’s very possible to add a water feature to your yard to transform the ordinary outside living space to the oasis of your dreams.

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Build a Retaining Wall for your Landscape

Erosion is quite common in Northern Colorado. It is the natural process of soil moving from one location to another, usually by water or gravity. This process is more common in steep landscapes and, in some cases, can result in landslides and dirt flow. Erosion is also known as sedimentation and this process is sped up by new housing developments. Erosion can really drive down the property value in a neighborhood, so it is very important to keep erosion under control by implementing a retaining wall. It is very important that new home builders consider erosion planning when building a new development.

If you feel that you may have a potential issue with erosion, Backes Landscaping is happy to take a look at your erosion problem to do a free assessment and inspection. We are more than happy to repair any failed or damaged retaining walls you may have.

child playing with sprinkler in fort collins

Sprinkler Installation

The hot Northern Colorado summers can leave your lawn parched and damaged. The best way to make sure your grass is getting enough water is with a  sprinkler system installation, as automatic sprinklers make it easier to properly water your lawn. While some people water every day, the trick is to do it less frequently but more deeply. Simply turn on your sprinkler system one to two times a week and water to a depth of four to five inches. This will encourage your grass to develop a robust root system that can beat the summer heat.

Taking good care of your lawn is key to beautiful landscaping and deep watering will keep your grass looking great, and this will also help avoid an entire lawn replacement. Backes Landscaping can design and install the ideal type of automatic sprinkler system for your property. We optimize your sprinkler zones for maximum efficiency. Enjoy a beautiful lawn and save the time and effort of watering by choosing a professional sprinkler installation right here in Fort Collins.

backyard fireplace and fire pit in fort collins

Fire Pits

Create the outdoor entertainment space you have always wanted with a custom  fire pit installation. A fire pit makes a wonderful addition to just about any backyard. It allows you to use your outdoor space all year round and provides an upgrade to your landscaping design at the same time. You’ll be able to spend many nights having fun with family and friends around a warm fire, roasting smores and enjoying lively conversation.

For professional fire pit installation in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado, Backes Landscaping has you covered. We will help you decide on the right location for your fire pit to maximize both safety and enjoyment. Our experts can also recommend different fire pit shapes, sizes, and heights that could work well for your backyard. Opting for custom fire pit installation will ensure that your new fire pit meets all of your landscaping design preferences and backyard entertainment needs.


Xeriscaping is a drought-resistant landscaping strategy that can reduce your water consumption and save you time on yard maintenance. It involves the use of vegetation that can thrive in the local climate without much, if any, supplemental irrigation. Plants that are suitable to the local environment also typically need less fertilizer. Xeriscape is a particularly good option in Fort Collins, Loveland, Timnath, Windsor, and throughout Northern Colorado, where drought is becoming a more frequent occurrence.

Backes Landscaping offers  xeriscaping services that will improve the water efficiency and beauty of your yard. Our professionals are familiar with all of the xeriscaping design principles, from proper planning to long-term maintenance requirements. We can also recommend the top xeriscaping plants to use as well as rocks to incorporate into your hardscape. Xeriscape offers a lot of choice, allowing you to design a yard that enhances your curb appeal and even increases your property value.

xeriscaped front yard in fort collins

Landscape Design

Landscaping design requires careful planning and consideration. When done right, it will make your outdoor space more enjoyable to spend time in and improve the overall appeal of your home as well. Backes Landscaping provides  landscape design services in Fort Collins and the surrounding area to help bring your landscaping dreams to life. We love the natural Northern Colorado landscape, and we have extensive experience creating landscape designs that showcase its best characteristics.

Our landscaping experts will help you understand the essential elements of landscape design. This includes incorporating color into the landscaping through the use of flowers and other plants, as well as considering how the different landscaping features complement one another. A balanced and cohesive landscape is more visually interesting and aesthetically pleasing. We also take into account how your landscaping will look over the changing seasons, ensuring that your yard reflects well on your property throughout the year.

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