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Water Falls & Water Fountains

A great way to add curb appeal to your home is with a landscaping water feature. Water features are also big part of many landscape design plans. The housing market in Northern Colorado, Fort Collins, and Loveland CO, is very competitive, so adding a water feature to your home will always be a great investment.  Water features are also enjoyable because almost everybody loves the soothing sound of water flowing down a waterfall or trickling down an outdoor water fountain or rock wall. There’s just something about the peace and tranquility that comes with a waterfall, and it’s very possible to add a water feature to your yard to transform the ordinary outside living space to the oasis of your dreams.

rolling stone sphere or ball water feature

What Type of Outdoor Water Fountain is for you?

There are various types of fountains that range in aesthetics and functionality. Sometimes a situation calls for a small rock waterfall. Other scenarios may allow the simplicity of a bird bath. Another popular type of water fountain is a staircase waterfall. A staircase waterfall is the perfect compliment to an outdoor space that has a slope or grade. This situation may also call for a retaining wall to prevent erosion.

Many water fountains can be combined with a pond. This is a great way to incorporate the soothing sounds of a waterfall with other natural elements, such as calm water.

A small rock waterfall offers a nice touch and may be ideal for small backyards, or possibly the side of your home. A rock waterfall or fountain will act as a focal point for your front or backyard. You can combine these features with other outdoor structures and elements such as pergolas or outdoor kitchens. We’ve had many clients desire to combine a small waterfall with a fire pit to achieve a true water vs. fire dynamic in their outdoor living space. The tranquility of combining a waterfall with the embracing warmth of a glowing fire is truly an essential element to a Colorado dreamscape.

We can walk you through all the different types of water features and make more accurate recommendations once we see the space. Let Backes Landscaping bring your outdoor water feature vision to life by creating an outdoor waterfall or water fountain that fits your design. Water features are a perfect compliment to landscape lighting. If you’re short on ideas, we will work with you and your space to brainstorm ideas that will lead to designs that will inspire you!

What to do if you are thinking about a Water Feature

Backes Landscaping is happy to take a look at your yard to do a free assessment and inspection. We are more than willing to make water feature recommendations and give you some great ideas.