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Fire Pits Fort Collins

Get more use out of your backyard with a custom fire pit that brings light and warmth to the space. At Backes Landscaping, we install fire pits in Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Timnath, and Northern Colorado as part of our extensive  custom landscaping services. Learn more about whether a fire pit is a good choice for your outdoor living area and what you should know before installing one.

Child roasting marshmallow on fire pit in Windsor Colorado
Fire pit next to a lake in Colorado

Benefits of a Backyard Fire Pit

There are many reasons why a fire pit might make a great addition to your property, including: 


  • Fire pits offer a warm and inviting ambience that encourages relaxation and conversation.  
  • Fire pits can bring landscaping designs together by serving as a strong focal point. 
  • Fire pits allow you to enjoy your backyard after the sun sets and on colder days. 
  • Fire pits can increase the value of your home by creating an attractive outdoor living area.
  • Fire pits can be used to roast and grill a variety of food for fun outdoor dinner parties.
Backyard Fire pit in Fort Collins Colorado
Fire pit in Fort Collins

Fire Pit Location and Safety

When deciding on a location for your fire pit, make sure to choose an open area without an overhang. The fire pit should also be far enough away from the house and other structures on your property to not pose a fire risk.

The best way to ensure that your fire pit is safe to use is to have it professionally installed. Backes Landscaping guarantees that all of our fire pits in Fort Collins adhere to safety rules and regulations, providing you with peace of mind.

Choosing a Fire Pit Design

Fire pits come in a number of designs to suit your landscaping and entertainment needs. Here are three factors to consider when choosing a fire pit for your backyard. 


  1. Shape: While most fire pits are round, square and rectangular designs can also be a good option. Custom fire pits can take just about any shape you want. 
  2. Size: The ideal fire pit size depends on how much available space you have and how many people you want to seat around it. It should also strike the right balance with your landscaping and outdoor furniture.
  3. Height: A fire pit should be high enough to keep logs and embers contained but not so tall that you have to lean in too close to enjoy it. Ten to twelve inches is usually ideal.
Backyard Pergola and Fire Pit in Fort Collins Colorado

The experienced landscapers at Backes Landscaping can give you more tips on the right shape, size, and height for your fire pit.

Professional Fire Pit Installation in Fort Collins, CO

Create an outdoor living space that you can use year-round with a custom fire pit from Backes Landscaping. We can make your outdoor entertainment dreams a reality by installing a beautiful fire pit that your friends and family can gather around for many years to come. Our experts will work with you to determine the best location and design for your backyard.

To find out more about fire pits in Fort Collins, Colorado, don’t hesitate to  contact us today.

Fire Pit Installation in Loveland Co
Children roasting marshmallows on installed fire pit in Northern Colorado

What to do if you may have Questions about Fire Pits

The crew at Backes Landscaping is happy to help you design your ultimate backyard getaway! What is more fun than roasting marshmallows and hotdogs with the family on those AMAZING Colorado evenings. Let us help you think out your fire pit design and incorporate it into your overall landscape design.


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