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Tree Trimming Service

When you drive through Fort Collins and see workers climbing tall trees with chainsaws dangling from their belts or people on cherry pickers cutting limbs, you know it is tree trimming and tree pruning season. The pruning of trees is an important part of tree service, but it is difficult to recommend an exact method without seeing the tree. Frequent reasons why business and residential customers call a local professional for tree trimming, pruning, and care. 

If you want to keep your landscaping attractive, you should consider pruning your trees and bushes. Basic guidelines for trimming trees are necessary. While pruning young shrubs is not as crucial as pruning young trees, we have many tips for pruning younger trees. Although the general principle of trimming is the same regardless of the size of the tree, care must be taken to ensure that these same principles are used to promote a good branch structure. Trees that have received the appropriate pruning in their youth will need less corrective pruning after maturity.

man performing a tree service of trimming in Fort Collins
professional removing a giant tree in Fort Collins

If a tree grows too fast and you want to slow down its growth rate, you should cut it back during its active growth cycle. If you are directing growth to slow down the branches you do not want, or to overshadow the development of the branches of the tree, this should happen after the end of seasonal growth. Tree pruning should only be carried out when the number of flowering trees has increased significantly, as in the spring and summer months.

The best time to prune is in spring and early summer, although this can vary greatly depending on the type of tree you are pruning. Spring and winter are the best times for pruning anyway, except in summer when trees are in bloom. If the tree is damaged, it should be pruned in late summer or late autumn and not in spring or winter.

Although you can technically prune a pine tree at any time, it is better to do so during the season when the tree is asleep. When the pines are asleep, the trees do not see as much sunlight as in spring and early summer, so they should be pruned back in late summer or early autumn when they are back to sleep.

Benefits of Tree Trimming

There are a number of great trim tips and pruning techniques that can help you keep your trees in great shape. Cutting and pruning are some of the most important steps to maintain long and permanently healthy trees and shrubs. When pruning a tree, care must be taken to remove dead or diseased branches from the tree, to reduce the burdensome weight, and to promote new, healthy growth. By pruning trees and shrubs, they can be brought back to their original shape, size, and shape.


When it comes to young or mature trees, pruning can be divided into two categories: thin and transitional. Make sure that the only way to prune the dead is to grow the trees and only penetrate the structure and space. If you have planted the right tree in the right place, you can prevent the tree from coming into contact with power lines. Remember that you should never try to prune a tree near a power line or hire an unqualified tree – by pruning an entrepreneur who works within 10 feet of a power line.

using a chainsaw for tree pruning
man trimming branches in Fort Collins

Before you start trimming your trees, you should do further research and consult with a tree specialist like Vasbyt Tree Tech to find out exactly what time of year you should trim your tree. The following tips and techniques will help you prune a tree or simply inform yourself about the typical pruning. A good professional tree service is helpful for everything from pruning to shrub pruning, and also for other tree species. If you would like to have the opportunity to learn more about the details of pruning, you can hire a specialist and look into the depth of each tree trunk tip or search our website for a pruning tip. 

The cost of pruning depends on a variety of factors and depends on the size of the tree you are planting and whether or not you hire a specialist. In general, it is best to call a certified tree specialist before cutting a tree that is larger than 10-15 feet if you are using a ladder or planning to use a chainsaw. It can be a considerable undertaking, especially for those who need a tree surgeon or tree surgeon, and we will look at future blogs about setting up such a blog. The question of whether or not to hire a professional depends on you and your skills, as well as the type of trees and shrubs you want to cut and the height of your tree.

Our partner tree trimming team can take care of a wide range of tree species and sizes, shape trees, remove dead or dying branches, and care for and prune trees. We can also create a cutting plan to control the overall shape of your tree throughout the year. We can provide wiring and bracing to protect existing trees on your property, as well as tree felling and removal work for your home, business, or commercial property. Our tree care team is also certified to diagnose the tree and remove it in a few hours even if we need special equipment or tools.

We are certified and licensed tree experts and will monitor your pruning work to ensure the best possible results for your trees, shrubs, and other plants in your area.

tree service for removing a substantial tree in Fort Collins

Tree Removal Service

We will take great care in removing your trees to avoid damage to the lawn or any existing structures.  We will treat all trees on your property with the utmost respect and remove all debris from the property unless otherwise instructed in writing. We only offer high-quality care and would never be satisfied until the job is done right.

It is well known that trees make your yard and neighborhood beautiful and attractive, but there may be a time. If your tree has been in your garden for more than a few years or even longer, it is likely that the tree you want to get rid of is quite old. The average removal of fallen or dead trees varies greatly depending on age, location, and size of the tree. The price of felling a tree is often not associated with the cost of removing debris from your property. Fences, sidewalks, and heavy stones are just some of the obstacles that can make tree removal projects more expensive.

Choosing a Tree Service

Vasbyt Tree Tech also offers stump removal services, stump grinding, tree inspections, and tree planting. The average cost of tree removal does not include any possible additional costs associated with the diameter, condition, or location of the tree. If you are looking for the exact price for the tree removal, you can submit a few details of your project and receive a free, personalized estimate from our company. The risks associated with the project should be taken into account when deciding on a tree removal company or taking on a massive tree removal yourself.


This webpage is designed to give you guidance and knowledge so you can decide on a tree removal expert. Regardless of why you want to remove a tree, consider a number of factors that will determine how much you pay for the tree removal project.

stump grinding machinery

Note that some local Colorado governments have imposed restrictions on the removal of trees, such as permits required to remove branches or other important restrictions. We are a professional tree clearance or felling company and can help you with all your tree removal needs. Our team will take care of any demolition you need and provide tree cutting and removal in Fort Collins to protect your family, business associates, customers, and property. Please contact Vasbyt Tree Tech today for a free estimate.

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