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How to Increase Home Value in Fort Collins

Try these Easy Tips to Increase the Value of your Fort Collins Home

What’s the first thing you think of when you consider selling your home? If you’re like most people, you would probably wonder about home value. Fort Collins is a hot market buy obviously, you want to make sure you get as much as possible out of it when it comes time to sell. Preparing your home to be placed on the market can be a scary proposition. How can you get the best value for your home without spending thousands of dollars on major renovations? There are several easy and inexpensive ways you can increase the value of your Fort Collins home and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

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You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

Never underestimate the importance of a good first impression. The first things people see when they pull up to your home are the yard and the front of your house. This gives potential buyers their first indication of how much time and effort was put into the care and maintenance of your home. Make sure that your yard and the area around your home are free of clutter. Make sure your lawn is well manicured and healthy-looking. Keep your grass cut and repair any bare spots. If you have shrubs or bushes around your property, make sure they are trimmed and neat-looking. Also, remove any weeds that are poking up through your sidewalk or in your landscaping.

The exterior of your house is another important feature when trying to attract buyers. Check for chipped or peeling paint and repair as necessary. Make sure your windows are clean and free of spots and smudges. Wipe down your storm doors and window frames. If you have vinyl siding, you can rent a pressure washer and rinse the dirt and grime away. You can also replace your rusty or dented mailbox with a new one that matches your house. The outside of your home should make people want to come in and see what the interior looks like.

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A Clutter-Free Home is a Great Idea

Where do you start when considering the inside of your home? The best way to start is by removing the clutter. Find a way to pack away any items that are lying around taking up space. The next thing you should do is clean the house from top to bottom. Eliminate any unpleasant odors that may be in your home. Obviously, no one wants to buy a house that is dirty and smells bad. As you’re going through the house keep your eyes open for cosmetic damage. Look for areas that need to be patched or repainted. Painting is a fairly inexpensive way to make your rooms look brand new. New curtains and blinds will also help to spruce up the appearance of your rooms. The appearance of your floors is just as important as how the walls look. It’s a good idea to rent a carpet steam cleaner to get rid of any dirt and stains that the vacuum couldn’t pick up. If your home has hardwood floors you can buff and polish them to bring out the shine.

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Focus on the Kitchen and the Bathroom for Home Value

The two main areas to focus your attention on to increase home value are the kitchen and the bathroom. Many people consider these the two most important rooms in the house. They are usually the rooms that potential buyers spend the most time looking at. When someone walks into your kitchen the first thing they will see is your cabinets. It can be quite expensive to replace them, but you can give them a facelift without opening your wallet too far. A coat of paint or stain can make your cabinets look brand new. Replacing door handles and hinges is another great way to improve the look of your cabinetry. You may not be able to afford to upgrade your kitchen appliances, but you should clean them as thoroughly as possible. Cleanliness in the kitchen area is supremely important to most home buyers. In the bathroom, replace that tattered old shower curtain with a new one. You can also find fairly inexpensive replacements for your plumbing fixtures. This is another area that extra care should be taken while cleaning. As you can imagine, dirt and odors in the bathroom are huge turn-offs for potential buyers. Another inexpensive upgrade is replacing outdated light switches and outlet covers with modern ones that match the decor of your home. You can do this in every room of the house. Adding some lighting and updating your light fixtures is another way to make your home feel warmer and more inviting.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are a number of ways to increase your home’s resale value without having to spend your life savings. Even minor changes and upgrades can make a huge difference. The important thing is to have a plan and to stick with it. Take your time. You don’t have to tackle the whole house in a weekend. Work your way through the house, and eventually, you will have a home you might just consider keeping for yourself.

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