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Five Steps To Maintaining Home Value

We landscape many homes in the Fort Collins Co. area and we talk with numerous homeowners on a daily basis. Most homeowners agree that there are few bigger investments in life than a home. Unlike most other large purchases (such as vehicles), homes actually appreciate in value. But that doesn’t mean homeowners should sit on their hands when it comes to maintaining and improving their house. Taking a proactive approach to maintaining and increasing home value makes sense. Backes Landscaping has put together a list of five steps to take to help you maintain and even increase your home’s value.

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1. Of all the rooms in a house the kitchen is the one that plays the greatest role in determining home value. Technological innovations means that newer appliances work much better than older ones, so upgrade the dishwasher, refrigerator, and oven. Modern, stainless steel appliances are particularly appealing. Another option to consider is granite or quartz countertops. Replacing countertops is typically a larger investment but the return or ROI can be quite significant in the area of kitchen remodeling.

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Upgrade the Bathroom

2. As with the kitchen, the bathroom is an area of the house where a little improvement can go a long way. Old plumbing is often an irritation and can be costly to deal with. Replacing, rather than continually repairing, may be wise. Similarly, updating showers, tiles, and sinks can be a great idea. The bathroom is also another where countertop replacement may be a great idea. There are many solid surface options for the bathtub and shower walls if you want to avoid tile and grout issues. Be sure and research the newest trends in bathroom remodeling.

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3. Paint looks worse and worse over time. Repainting every few years or so is a good idea. The exterior paint of a home is the first thing visitors see. Fresh paint gives a home the appearance of being well-maintained while costing little. Indoors paint will last longer, but applying a fresh coat periodically is still wise. This is one of the least expensive ways to give your home a facelift.

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Improve the Landscaping

4. Better landscaping is another way to impress anyone viewing a home for the first time. A healthy, well-maintained lawn is important. Well-trimmed shrubs and colorful plants help a lot as well. Get rid of any weeds. Any trees on the property should be kept healthy — i.e., trim back too-long branches. You’ve all heard the term “curb appeal” right? Well, curb appeal starts with beautiful landscaping and a great landscape design. If you are looking to sell your home, potential buyers may not even look at the interior of your  house without a well landscaped front yard. Further, a good landscaper can handle larger issues such as erosion by building an aesthetic looking retaining wall. Landscaping is a great way to increase the value and overall attractiveness of your home.

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Upgrade heating and cooling systems

5. Heating and cooling a home can be expensive. Since older heating and cooling systems are significantly less efficient, upgrades in this area can be quite valuable. Short of a complete upgrade, regular maintenance is crucial. Maintenance will shore up efficiency and reveal issues in need of repair before they become a major headache.

While a home is certainly likely to gain in value over time, how much it will gain is up in the air — which is why taking steps to maintain home value is so sensible. Every homeowner should have an eye out for ways to boost the value of the enormous investment that their home represents.

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