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Common Landscape Design Mistakes we Make in Fort Collins

If you’re intent on landscaping your home completely, it’s important to avoid several common mistakes many do-it-yourselfers end up making when they attempt to tackle such a large undertaking. While home landscaping design can definitely be done, it’s a matter of preparing ahead of time and knowing exactly what you are planning to do before you do it. Some mistakes are more costly than others and can throw your landscaping project off completely. Other mistakes are smaller, and may only hamper your ability to enjoy your home. Either way, the following guidelines show you how to avoid common mistakes and what you need to do to ensure your home landscape design goes off without a hitch.

When you spend the time, money, and effort it takes to landscape your home, you want to make sure you keep your handiwork maintained throughout the year. If however you don’t have proper storage for your tools, you’re never going to get any yardwork done! Invest in a sturdy storage shed to place all of your yard tools so they are ready and available when you need them. This makes it a lot easier to take care of your yard and allows you to organize your tools in one convenient spot.

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The Importance of Landscape Design Functionality

There’s another mistake many people make because they forget about what’s truly important with their landscape design. While you definitely want to have a visually pleasing landscape, it’s important to ensure your design is both functional and safe for everyday use. It wouldn’t do any good to have a beautiful landscape design that isn’t usable! Because you can incorporate both aesthetics and functionality into your design, it’s important to make sure your design fits these parameters. When in doubt, it’s usability over aesthetics though so keep that in mind.

Have a Landscape Design Plan

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Possibly the most damaging mistake you should avoid at all costs is not having a plan of action for your landscaping design. While you may find the idea of planning everything out bit by bit rather tedious, it’s absolutely essential to have some sort of functioning design idea before you begin to landscape. Otherwise, plants will be strung about the yard in random order and nothing will look right! At the bare minimum, at least draw a rough sketch of the area and your ideas for where you’d like to place plants, decorative accents, bushes, etc. It’s always best to start from scratch when you are redoing the landscaping design of your yard.

Maybe Plan on Sprinkler Installation

Let’s say you enjoy traveling and do so frequently during the warmer months. Who will be able to water your beautiful plants and shrubbery? Rather than trying to depend on a friend or relative to do the job for you, it’s recommended to simply install an irrigation system into your landscaping design. That way, you never have to worry about someone else being responsible for your garden because you have an automatic system that will take care of it for you! Forgetting to incorporate an automatic irrigation system into your landscape design can mean havoc to your plants and garden, so this mistake is absolutely imperative to avoid at all costs.

Don't Forget About the Changing Seasons

Believe it or not, it’s also important to incorporate the seasons into your home landscaping design. Whatever season it happens to be (Winter and Fall seem to be the seasons most people forget to care about), your yard should reflect that with trees and shrubs that will cheer you up during a rainy day. While not necessarily a mistake that will cost you your design completely, forgetting to incorporate specific plants into your design according to the seasons can hinder your ability to enjoy your yard to its full potential.

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The Importance of Retaining Walls and Water Features

These are just a few common mistakes that many people make when they attempt to create their own landscape design here in Fort Collins. It’s very important to avoid these mistakes at all costs so you can enjoy your landscape design and not spend extra time, effort, and money on a design that wasn’t well thought out in the beginning. It’s definitely possible to create a fully functional home landscape design that incorporates elements such as retain walls and water features yourself and by avoiding these mistakes, you can be well on your way to a gorgeous landscape in no time at all.

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