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How Not to Get Overwhelmed When Cleaning Your Fort Collins House

As a landscaping company in Fort Collins we talk about the exterior of the home quite a bit. Sometimes we like to discuss other topics such as how to maintain the interior of the home. For some, cleaning the house is a simple task done every week. For others, it could be an overwhelming chore that requires more time than they have to spare. It’s important to know what works for you to be the best cleaner in your home. 

Why Feel Overwhelmed?

First, you need to ask yourself and analyze why you feel overwhelmed when cleaning your house. The reasons could be that you don’t know where to start, don’t have enough time, don’t have the right tools, lack motivation, etc. So this guide will help you find solutions and tips on how to get out of the “cleaning overwhelm” and enjoy your cleaning experience based on the possible reasons stated above.

First, Clean Up Your Mind 

The mind is the most important tool to get out of the overwhelmed, so first, you need to stop thinking that cleaning the house is a chore. On the contrary, it should be a rewarding experience. Here are the mindsets or beliefs that will help you get started to clean your mind: 

“Don’t treat it like a marathon”

Remember, there is no rule saying you need to finish cleaning up at your own pace in one day. You are not here to impress anyone.

“What the worst thing that could happen”

Cleaning is not the end of the world; even if things go wrong, the worst thing that can happen is messing up something you have to start over again. Naturally, you will get out of the overwhelm and start planning your next move. Unless you have a time-sensitive issue that needs to be cleaned at a certain time, we will discuss this later (in the “Determine Priorities” section).

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Start with Your Surrounding

Before making a plan or schedule for cleaning your home, the next thing to do is make sure your surroundings are clean and organized. Assume you are sitting in front of the computer reading this article right now; you can try to clean your desk, throw away the junk, organize the wire, clean the keyboard and mouse, then move on to a different area in your room. Eventually, you will be able to clean your whole room; you are already one step ahead. 

Make a list of the areas that need cleaning.

You can’t clean all these areas in one day. So you need to break down the cleaning into manageable tasks. Start with a list of all the areas that need to be cleaned, and look at the checklist of items you’ll need for each room. Then, keep your list handy to check off each task as it’s completed. It’s important to note that this list should include areas hard to reach, for example, the areas on the top of the house, in the attic, under the stairs, etc. This way, you will be able to focus your efforts on cleaning these areas.

Do one small, easy task at a time.

It’s important to remember that cleaning is not a race. You should do one small task at a time. Start with a task that you know how to do. As has been noted, your desk is a perfect example. It’s easy to throw away junk, organize the wires, and clean the keyboard and mouse. Therefore, you don’t need to feel overwhelmed with a big task, and you will have the motivation to clean your house more often. 

Set a Timer

Setting a timer is a great way to avoid being overwhelmed. Also, you will have a realistic expectation of how much time you have to clean. To keep you on task, set a timer for 5, 10, 30, or even 60 minutes for the room (or corner) you are trying to clean, this way you will only be focused on cleaning for that amount of time and will not feel rushed and overwhelmed.cleaing

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Determine Priorities

Sometimes, you need to clean your house by a particular time. Therefore, you need to determine which area is important to stay clean in your case. For example, if you are going to have a party, you need to put the living room and kitchen on the priority list, or a relative is coming over to stay, you might need to take care of the bedroom they will be occupying.

Ask for Help

You don’t have to do it alone when cleaning your house; it’s always best to have a little help. You can seek assistance if you have a few friends or family members willing to help. This way, you’ll be more likely to get things done quickly if you work with someone. But if you don’t have any friends or family to help you out, that’s not a problem; you can try to hire professional cleaners to do the job for you.

Spice things up with music

You can also use music to motivate you to clean your house. Choose a song you like and listen to it while you clean. This way, you will be more motivated to work on your cleaning task, and the song will help you relax after a long day.

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In conclusion

If you follow the steps above, you will be able to clean your house quickly and efficiently without stress about it. It will be much easier for you to clean the house regularly.

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