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6 Landscaping Tips to do Before Winter

Let it SNOW! Winter is upon us here in Fort Collins and it’s time to tend to your landscaping. There are a few things that you’ll want to be ready with before the ground freezes. It’s easy to feel like next spring is so far off, but you’ll be so much happier this winter and next spring and summer if you take the time now, to take care of a few things. Here are some chores that you should put on your outdoor landscaping to-do list.

Install Gutter Guards

If you don’t already have them, you’ll be so thankful, in even just a couple of months, that you installed them. Gutter guards are mesh pieces that go over the tops of the gutters to prevent leaves from falling in the gutters and clogging them. In the winter, it’s especially important to make sure that you don’t have leaves in your gutters because you’ll likely have problems with sagging gutters that have big icicles. In fact, since the water can’t exit the gutters properly, it’s very possible for your gutters to even fall off because they’re so heavy with ice. These are available at most big box stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot.

Fort Collins home with leaves on roof and in gutter

Trim Trees

When winter storms hit, it can mean lots of snow, wind, and ice. The snow and ice hang heavily on branches, and the wind can easily knock branches loose or break branches. If you have any trees with limbs that are too long, dead, or ready to fall, it’s best to cut them down now before the winter storms hit. Remember those heavy wet snows that we get in Fort Collins? These tend to happen in late winter but why not trim the trees now? If you see any trees that are almost dead, you definitely want to cut them down so that they don’t uproot in a spring storm after the ground has thawed.

Check the Driveway for Broken Concrete

If you have any areas of the driveway that have large chunks of broken concrete, you want to at least clear away the debris before winter comes. When you’re out shoveling or using your snowblower, one of the last things you’ll want to run into is a piece of concrete that should have been cleared away earlier in the year.

Change Outdoor Light Bulbs

Darkness comes earlier in the day as winter approaches, and no one wants to have to go up the front steps in the winter in the dark. People also don’t want to have to climb up the ladder to change a light bulb. Do yourself a favor and change the bulbs well before winter comes. This is an easy and quick fix.

Drain Water from Outside Lines

It’s easy to forget about all of the water lines we have outside, so make a list of all the lines that could freeze when winter hits. This includes hoses, water spigots, and outdoor kitchens. This is also a good time to bring in water hoses and house outdoor patio furniture.

Sprinkler Blowout

This might be the most important landscaping maintenance tip I can offer. Make sure to drain your sprinklers and have them blown out. This will prevent the lines from cracking in freezing temperatures. There are many companies in Fort Collins that offer sprinkler blowouts from $60 on up, depending on how many zones your sprinkler system has.

Fort Collins man preparing for landscaping maintenance

There are numerous things that you should do to get ready for winter, and you should never neglect your outdoors. Make sure you’re taking care of your lawn, but you also want to protect your property from damages that the winter weather can cause. I hope this helps get you a bit more prepared for the upcoming Northern Colorado Winter. 

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