Year: 2022

What do Commercial Landscapers Do? | Backes Landscaping

Think you may need Commercial Landscaping? Call Backes! Whatever type of Fort Collins business you have, you are going to want to research services from commercial landscapers. A commercial landscaper will create an attractive exterior that helps retain and attract new customers. If your outdoor space is a bit unkempt, a commercial landscape company will […]

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save your money for home investment

Survival Tip: Ditch Your Car, Invest in your Home & find Alternative Transportation

Survival Tip: Ditch Your Car, Invest in your Home As the economy slows in Fort Collins and the US, you may be looking at ways to scale back to deal with a job loss or increasing financial insecurity by using alternative transportation.  If you are trying to save money, it may be time to think […]

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man potting plants

A Newbie’s Quick Guide to Container Gardening | Backes Landscaping

A Newbie’s Quick Guide to Container Gardening | Fort Collins | Loveland | Colorado Containers filled with vibrant, blooming plants can be versatile complements to your house and garden. They’re easy to create, portable, and can add just the right touch of color, texture or contrast exactly where needed. But if you’re new to container […]

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5 Costs of Selling a House in Fort Collins, CO | Backes Landscaping

5 Costs of Selling a House that you Shouldn’t Ignore The housing market in Fort Collins, Colorado is slowing down a bit but many folks are still in need of selling their home. If you’re like most people, when you think about selling your home, the first thing that comes to mind is how much […]

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irrigation drip system fort collins

Drip Irrigation for Your Garden | Backes Landscaping

Drip Irrigation for Your Fort Collins Garden As water conservation in Fort Collins becomes more important than ever, with restrictions being placed on landscape and garden watering, homeowners will need to find new ways to maintain their gardens. The traditional sprinkler irrigation method wastes a lot of water by wetting areas without plants, and water […]

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gardening in fort collins

DIY: Building Your Own Emergency Food Supply | Backes Landscaping

DIY: Building Your Own Emergency Food Supply As a Fort Collins or Colorado Resident you might be concerned about saving some money. Whether it’s because of a seemingly never-ending pandemic, gas prices & availability, predictions for overly-active hurricane seasons, supply chain problems that leave store shelves empty, or other potential disruptions to normal life, many […]

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How to Naturally Repel Mosquitoes in Fort Collins

How to Repel Mosquitoes Naturally in Northern Colorado As the warm and sunny days of our Fort Collins summer arrive, everyone gets excited about fun activities like camping, going to the beach at Horsetooth Reservoir, hiking and having picnics. However, with summer comes swarms of mosquitoes that can make any outing miserable. Not only are […]

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woman cleaning her fort collins home

How Not to Get Overwhelmed When Cleaning Your House | Backes Landscaping

How Not to Get Overwhelmed When Cleaning Your Fort Collins House As a landscaping company in Fort Collins we talk about the exterior of the home quite a bit. Sometimes we like to discuss other topics such as how to maintain the interior of the home. For some, cleaning the house is a simple task […]

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commercial landscaping in fort collins

The 6 Biggest Issues that Lower Your Home’s Value

The 6 Biggest Issues that Lower Your Home’s Value Your home is more than just a shelter and the place where the major events of your life happen. It’s also a significant financial asset. In fact, if you take good care of your home, you can build equity and grow its value. However, you might […]

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How to Plant a Container Garden | Backes Landscaping

Hey Fort Collins, Spring is Around the Corner, it’s time to Garden! A visit to the local Fort Collins garden center often sends customers home with a case of plant envy.  The luscious, beautiful container gardens spaced throughout the nursery sport a hefty price tag.  Why not create your own container garden for half the […]

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